TET Paper I English Grand Test
Topic: Pedagogy 6 Marks and Content 24 Marks
Total Marks 30; Time 30 min  

గత TET మరియు DSC లో వచ్చిన ప్రశ్నల అధ్చరంగా రూపొందించబడింది.

  English Content 24 Marks  
1 ) Choose the linking word that can be used to express 'contrast'..
1. so
2. but
3. thus
4. moreover
2. The doctor took off his coat The meaning of the phrasal verb 'took off' is:
1. cleaned
2. washed
3. removed
4. folded
3. I would like a cup of tea.This sentence expresses:
1. preference
2. order
3. compulsion
4. future of the past
4. Choose the sentence that has a noun clause
1. The student said that he would come the next day.
2. That book is not mine.
3. I don't like that book.
4. India is a land of many languages.
5. Napoleon, who won the French honour, died at St. Helena The part of the sentence, 'who won the French honour' in the sentence above is:
1. a defining relative clause
2. a non-defining relative clause
3. a finite clause
4. a non-finite clause
6. Sit down a moment, ………….. Choose the correct question tag to complete this sentence
1. would you ?
2. shall you ?
3. don't you?
4. Isn't it ?
7. Jumping on the horse, the former rode to the market. The part of the sentence, "Jumping on the horse" is:
1. a finite clause
2. a relative clause
3. a non-finite clause
4. a non-defining relative clause
8. . Choose the correct 'Yes / No' question.
1. Don't you like coffee ?
2. Do you likes coffee ?
3. Does he liked coffee ?
4. You does like coffee ?
9. Sindhu finished her project several days ……… the deadline Choose the correct compound prepositional phrase that fits the context
1. Instead of
2. Instead off
3. ahead of
4. in spite of
10. If I ………….. the class teacher, I would not punish that student. Choose the correct verb to complete the meaning.
1. have
2. were
3. have been
4. am
11. Harish wants to be a great wrestler but he is …………… Choose the correct phrase to fill in the blank in the sentence above
1. strong enough
2. not strong enough
3. not enough strong
4. enough strong
12. I arrived at the station. Then the bus came in. The meaning of these two sentences can be expressed as:
1. No sooner had I arrived at the station than the bus came in.
2. Before I arrived at the station, the bus has come in.
3. As soon as the bus came in, I arrived at the station.
4. All buses came in when I arrived at the station.
13. Choose the word that cannot be used to write an adverbial clause of reason.
1. Since
2. As
3. Because
4. When
14. Choose the correct expression with the correct order of adjectives.
1. A silk nice saree
2. A nice silk saree
3. A saree nice silk
4. A silk saree nice
15. A: Do you know Mrs. Geetha?. B: Yes, I do. I ……………… her for nearly four years Choose the correct verb phrase that fits the context
1. know
2. do know
3. have not known
4. have known
16. Swimming is good for health. In the above sentence, 'swimming' is :
1. a past participle
2. a present participle
3. a gerund
4. a helping verb
17. Choose the sentence that is not in the present perfect tense:
1. I have already been here for five days
2. She has just completed her work.
3. You have never met me before
4. You have no broken chairs
18. The weaver said, "Ramya, do you want to buy it?" Choose the reported speech of this sentence.
1. The weaver told Ramya that he wanted to buy it.
2. The weaver told to Ramya that he wanted to buy it.
3. The weaver asked if Ramya wanted to buy it.
4. The weaver asked what Ramya wanted to buy it.
19. He arrived at the station by ……….. car Choose the article that fits the context.
1. a
2. an
3. the
4. no article is needed
20. He feels as if he were a Prime Minister.
1. A simple sentence
2. A compound sentence
3. A complex sentence
4. A compound complex sentence
Read the following passage and choose the correct answers to the questions given after
The greatest thing this ager can be proud of is the birth of man in the consciousness of men. In this drunken orgies of power and national pride, man may flout and jeer at it. When organized national selfishness, racial antipathy and commercial self seeking begin to display their ugly deformities in all their nakedness, then comes the time for man to know that his salvation is not in political organizations and extended trade relations, not in any mechanical rearrangement of social system but in a deeper transformation of life, in the liberation of consciousness in love, in the realization of God in man.
21. In this passage, the phrase 'God in man' implies:
1. God having assumed the shape of man.
2. Neither fully godly nor fully human.
3. Man being transformed into God.
4. The divine qualities in man.
22. The author uses the expression, 'ugly deformities' to show his indignation at :
1. Political organizations
2. The liberation of human consciousness
3. Selfishness and materialism of the people
4. The drunken orgies of power
23. According to the author, 'salvation' of human beings lies in the:
1. Extended trade relations
2. Spiritual transformation of life
3. Orgy of National pride
4. Wholehearted participation in political organizations
24. Choose the synonym of 'serenity'
1. calmness
2. murmur
3. dragging
4. earnest
  Pedagogy 6 Marks  
25. Middle English was the result of:
1. Norman invasion
2. Modern English
3. Renaissance movement
4. Language of governance
26. A major factor that led to the growth of English language in the twentieth century was:
1. The British invasion
2. English phonology
3. Johnson's dictionary
4. The two World wars
27. The following is not true regarding a Language:
1. Language transmits culture
2. Language is extendible
3. Language is creative
4. Language does not change forever
28. The old English form of 'house' is:
1. hoise
2. hou:z
3. hu:s
4. hoo:s
29. NCERT was established in:
1. 1952
2. 1961
3. 1947
4. 2001
30. The following is not an objective of teaching English at the Primary level:
1. To make learning an enjoyable activity
2. To help learners recite rhymes and poems
3. To familiarize pupils with the spoken and written forms of English.
4. To send pupils abroad

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