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గత TET మరియు DSC లో వచ్చిన ప్రశ్నల అధ్చరంగా రూపొందించబడింది.

1 ) The following are the tasks for developing reading skill except
A) Using newspapers
B) inferring
C) substitution table
D) visualizing
2. Writing and planning advertisements, writing brochures come under
A) Expository writing
B) Persuasive writing
C) Descriptive writing
D) Narrative writing
3. The following qualities are good writing skill except
A) Learning basic spelling rules
B) spacing
C) correctness
D) legibility
4. Dictation is a valuable exercise
A) To develop writing skill
B) To develop reading skill
C)to develop listening skill
D) to develop speaking skill
5. Which method is called Natural Method?
A) Grammar Translation Method
B) Direct Method
C) Bilingual Method
D) Dr. West’s Method
6. All are voiceless consonants except
A) /p/
B) /b/
C) /f/
D) /s/
7. Which is not a Mechanics of Writing from the following
A) Hand writing
B) spelling system
C) punctuation
D) recognizing discourse makers
8. Choose the incorrect statement from the following.
A) Listening to public speeches belong to Gist listening
B) Listening to songs on T.V. while doing other work is Casual listening.
C) Listening to drama or speeches or good orators is Focused listening.
D) A & C are incorrect
9. Which method is highly teacher-centered approach among four?
A) The Situational approach
B) The Structural approach
C) Communicative approach
D) Collaborative approach
10. Choose the incorrect statement among four. ?
A) In India the Structural Approach was ushered in by Jean Forrester.
B) Pioneers of Audio-lingual approach were
C) Use of mother tongue was completely banned in Situational Approach
D) COST- Communication Oriented Structural Teaching.

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