TET Paper I English Grand Test
Topic: Grammar 24 Q, Pedagogy 6 Q
Total Marks 30; Time 30 min  

గత TET మరియు DSC లో వచ్చిన ప్రశ్నల అధ్చరంగా రూపొందించబడింది.

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  Grammar 24 Marks  

1 ) She is stunning.
2. Choose the correct defining clause
a) Chandu, who is an English poet, published a poetry book.
b) The book which I read it twice bought it in Bangalore.
c) The man who is from Karnataka directed a movie.
d) B & C
3. Rishi plays cricket very well The above underlined words are……
a) Adjective, adverb
b) adjective, adjective
c) adverb, adverb
d) adverb, adjective
4. Choose the correct passive voice form from the following.
a) Stories are being written by Rishi?
b) When was fee paid by you?
c) Who will like this shirt?
d) Can this box lifted by you?
5. Choose the incorrect Reported Speech.
a) She asked me to called her the previous day.
b) He asked her where had he gone the last week?
c) He told me that he had made a model.
d) A & B are incorrect.
6. Choose the correct sentence
a) She made a speech, doesn’t she?
b) She made a model, does she?
c) Rishi plays chess well, don’t he?
Pinky played chess well, didn’t he?
7. Vinay ………. (prepare)for exams for a long time. Fill in the blank with the correct verb form.
a) Prepared
b) will prepare
c) has been preparing
d) had prepared
8. The complex sentence among four is ….
a) Do it or leave it.
b) He went to Delhi and met his friend.
c) She is a doctor.
d) As he worked hard, he got job.
9. The grammatically correct sentence among the four is …… .
a) Where does she lives?
b) He told me that he will come here the next day.
c) I have had lunch,
d) Look! it rains
10. Choose the sentence with the correct tense.
a) He is reading a novel for a long time.
b) They usually go to office at 9am.
c) She have a car.
d) We have been playing for 7pm.
11. Choose the correct sentence with correct preposition.
a) The 8:50 am bus started in time.
b) She sat besides me.
c) We prefer watching movie than reading,
d) He put the mobile under her pillow.
12. Choose the model auxiliary verb that can be used to express ‘permission’ & ‘possibility ‘.
a) Shall
b) may
c) could
d) must
13. He is singing a melodious song. In the above sentence, ‘singing’ is:
a) A present participle
b) past participle
c) a auxiliary
d) a gerund
14. Let us do it,……. Choose the correct question tag to complete the sentence.
a) do us?
b) will we?
c) shall we?
d) don’t we?
15. It’s time we ……. to play ground.
a) will go
b) has gone
c) go
d) went
16. Choose the correct order of adjectives from the following.
a) a long sharp ox
b) a plastic old box
c) anxious pale girl
d) a patient long queue.
17. Unless you work hard, you won’t get job. This is ……
a) a compound complex sentence
b) a complex sentence
c) a compound sentence
d) a simple sentence
18. Choose a sentence with a defining relative clause
a) Gouthami who is my friend bought a house.
b) The man who is in the ground is my teacher.
c) The air, which blows on the skin , is very cool.
d) Pawan who is called power star acted in Badri movie.
19. As he was late, he missed the train. This sentence has:
a) To+ infinitive
b) an adverbial clause of place
c) an adverbial clause of reason
d) a &b
20. Choose the correct present perfect tense.
a) He has a broken mirror.
b) Have you had dinner?
c) I had have finish my work.
d) They have has a car.
21. Identify the part of the sentence which has an error in the following statements. He is receiving (1) the award from PM (2) at New Delhi (3) at 7pm(4)
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
22. Find the correct order of passive form. Written poems well being them by are a b c d e f g
b) bgdafec
c) efgdcab
d) bcadefg
23. Choose the correct sentence with correct article
a) I play the chess
b) We visited the America
c) It is a HCL product
d) He got the first rank
24. Choose the sentence with adverb.
a) She writes neatly
b) We work very hard
c) They are clever
d) A & B

Pedagogy 6 Marks

25. 1. Inductive Method proceeds from…..
A) Rule to example
B) example to rule
B) Unfamiliar to familiar
D) unknown to known
26. Oral Method was proposed by
A) Harold Pinter
B) Harold Palmer
C) Harold Bloom
D) C.J Dodson
27. All statements are correct regarding Bilingual Method except
A) Develops proficiency in language
B) Special emphasis on developing vocabulary
C) Proposed by Dodson
D) Special emphasis on developing reading
28. Which method is well suited for teaching classical languages?
A) Direct Method
B) Bilingual Method
B) Dr. West’s Method
D) Grammar Translation Method
29. The term ‘Approach’ was first used by
A) Harold Palmer
B) Harold Pinter
C) Antony
D) Antony Gramsci
30. Teaching and learning is not efficient when it is …..
A) Simple to complex
B) concrete to abstract
C)unknown to known
D) known to unknown

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