AP PRC 2022 Fixation for Teachers & Employees 

PRC Fixed with fitment at 23 % vide GO.MS.No: 01 Dt: 17-01-2022
Notional Arears for the Period from July -2018 to Mar-20 (21 Months)
Monitary benifit from Apr 2020 to Dec 2021 ( Arears ) 21 Months
New Day 20.02% ( Central DA*0.91 )

Retired Employees after 01-07-2018
Name of the Employee:
Name of the Father/Husband:
Name of the working Place:
PPO Id :
Date of Birth :
Date of First Appointment :
Date of Retirement :
Commutation % in Old PRC:
Commutation % in New PRC:
Basic Pay as on Retirement :
H.R.A Present:
Scale of Pay:
DDO Design:
Name Of The DDO:
Name Of The DDO Office:
Qualifications Of The DDO:
Bank Accout Number :
IFSC Code :
Bank Name :
Branch Name :
Aadhaar No :
PAN No :
Pension Disbursing Authority(STO),Station :
Family Pensioner Name :
Relation with:
Present Full Address of Pensioner:
Cell number: